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Are you looking to change something in your life? Or just need somewhere to talk things through? You maybe able to find what you need through therapy.  

Hi, my name is Leanne, I am a qualified BACP registered Person-Centred Counsellor. I am available for online and telephone sessions at present.

 I have over the years worked with adults and children from the age of 5 and up and currently work as a school therapist, I have some basic training in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) which can also be used in our sessions if required (using techniques and skills from these modalities) alongside the Person centred therapy. 

I understand that we can all need a space to talk now and again, and I can offer that via open ended or a fixed amount of sessions. I believe every person should have autonomy over their own lives and choose the path they follow.

Sometimes we go through situations that can lead us to need a space to talk, and through opening a dialogue and being given this opportunity to be listened to I believe therapeutic change could happen. I also feel that you need to find a counsellor that is the right fit for you, so you ‘the client’ feel comfortable.

I am happy to have a complimentary initial chat with you and see if you feel I am the right counsellor for you.

I have experience working with issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, self harm, grief, eating disorders, gender identity, self esteem and many other presenting issues. 

I am here to offer a safe space where you can work at your own pace, exploring your feelings and emotions.

Person centred therapy is non-directive - this means I am not here to direct you or tell you want to do, I am here to listen and offer you the chance to be heard.

My sessions last 50 minutes for a adult and 40 minutes for a child/young person. 

I can also offer a text based counselling session for those who may not want to talk face to face or via the telephone.

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